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Lets Understand the Different Departments of Banks & Their Operations-

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Retail Banking: Retail banking is the face of the bank, interacting directly with customers. This department offers services such as savings and current accounts, loans, mortgages, and credit cards to individuals and small businesses. It focuses on building customer relationships and providing personalized financial solutions.

Corporate Banking: Corporate banking caters to the financial needs of large enterprises, corporations, and institutional clients. This department manages corporate accounts, offers financing solutions, handles cash management, and provides advisory services for mergers, acquisitions, and capital-raising activities.

Investment Banking: Investment banking is primarily involved in facilitating complex financial transactions for corporations, governments, and other organizations. This department assists with mergers and acquisitions, underwriting securities, managing IPOs, offering financial advice, and facilitating capital market activities.

Risk Management Department: The risk management department is responsible for assessing and mitigating potential risks faced by the bank. It focuses on credit risk, market risk, operational risk, and regulatory compliance. This department employs sophisticated tools and methodologies to safeguard the bank's assets and maintain stability.

Operations Department: The operations department ensures the smooth execution of day-to-day banking activities. It handles transaction processing, account management, clearing and settlement, and customer support. This department plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of banking operations.

Treasury Department: The treasury department manages a bank's liquidity, investments, and financial assets. It analyzes market trends, manages cash flows, and makes strategic investment decisions to optimize profitability while minimizing risk. This department also oversees foreign exchange operations and interest rate risk management.

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