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Logo for slot machines

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Hey, everybody. My friend and I open a site with slot machines, and in the name there is the word king. Of course, we want to use the picture of king in our logos and so on. But so far we have not been able to find a really unique and interesting picture of the king. Maybe there are some artists here who can help us with this?

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Hi. Interesting idea! But you're right, it needs something unique since the image of the king is used a lot of places. I think it should be something in cartoon style, or comic book style. I am certainly not an artist, but I know that there are many sites with vector images, where you can find a suitable image of king. Or you should really contact an artist or designer to develop a unique logo.

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It's so corny. Why don't you just use an image of a crown or some royal paraphernalia? I think a king would look silly and childish.